In the studio, June, 2022.



Chloe Reynolds originating from Bradford, now based in Leeds at Aire Street Workshops where she makes her paintings.

Reynolds is studying MA Fine Art currently at Leeds Arts University and will graduate in 2022. She also did her undergraduate at LAU graduating in 2017.

She took 4 years  out of education to concentrate on her practice before undergoing a postgraduate course. She has exhibited nationally and has work in the US in Upstate New York on the residency at Cha North, in Pine Plains.

Being successful with numerous funding opportunities to maintain her practice she was also selected for a free studio space at Aire Street Workshops, the Scholarship is for the MA course at LAU.

Artist statement

Working from digital collages that she makes, using family photographs based on stories she is told by family members, Reynolds is interested in telling stories visually, through painting and collage.

Certain characters pop up in the different paintings, she’s interested in repetitions in the works, and how they speak to each other, titles play a big part in giving the viewer an insight into the works, but it’s open to interpretation.

Painting family members is important it makes Reynolds invested in the work, painting from collages and digitally enhancing the colours to make the paintings inviting to the viewer, it also allows to distance herself from the original image and delve into a fantasy world, creating a new family and putting people together that would of never had met, most of the source material are from the 1950’s-60’s. Eventually she will make works based on the 80’s,90’s and so on, mixing all the imagery together to make new paintings.